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twitchflix is a command-line application to look for popular streams from twitch and watch them instantly thanks to streamlink.

This was made to be able to watch twitch streams from a raspberry pi in tty only via omxplayer. Didn't test this on the raspberry pi yet.


twitchflix is a node cli app. After installing node and npm, install twitchflix globally on your system:

sudo npm install -g twitchflix


Start using twitchflix with the twitchflix command!

All the help you need is visible with twitchflix --help:

Search streams from twitch, watch them directly thanks to streamlink.

Usage: twitchflix [OPTIONS] [-- STREAMLINK OPTIONS]

  -h, --help: show this message
  -v, --version: show twitchflix version
  -g, --game: show streams for given game only
              must be typed as shown on twich if no alias if available
  --aliases: show the list of games with an alias available
             an alias can be passed to the --game option instead of the full game name
  -l, --limit: limit the number of streams to choose from. Defaults to 25.

All params typed after -- are passed to streamlink.
By default, the streamlink `--default-stream best` option is passed.
Check out the streamlink doc for more details on possible options.

  `twitchflix --game "Mount Your Friends"` # list only mount your friends streams
  `twitchflix --game hots` # list Heroes of the Storm streams
  `twitchflix -- medium` # override default stream quality
  `twitchflix -- --player vlc` # list most popular streams & play the source stream in vlc
  `twitchflix -- -np 'omxplayer -o hdmi'` # play in omx with custom omx options

As twitchflix allows you to pass all the options you want to streamlink without enforcing any defaults, or doesn't have any config file, it can be cumbersome to type the command. Don't forget about aliases :)


A cli app to look for twitch channels and watch them in your favorite player







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