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Knowledge base for Perl Weekly Challenge Club members.
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Perl Weekly Challenge Club

This is the central repository for the members of Perl Weekly Challenge. The members can submit the solution to the challenge each week under version control.

How to contribute?

Just submit Pull Request with your solutions.

First find out the latest challenge folder, more likely the highest numbered folder is the latest challenge folder e.g. challenge-002. If you are an existing member, you would probably find a folder by your name. For example, if your name is "Joe Blog" then there would be a folder called "joe-blog". Under your named folder, you would find a file README. Depending on your choice of language, you should create a folder here e.g. perl5 for Perl 5 and perl6 for Perl 6. Inside each of these folders you can save your solutions. If it is perl5 script for challenge 1 then call it Similarly if it is perl5 script for challenge 2 then call it For perl6 solutions, call it ch-1.p6 and ch-2.p6 respectively. And if you are writing one-liner then call it or If you are contributing for the first time, please create your named folder as described above. Also let us know what name you would like us to use?

In case you have created a blog about your solutions, then create a file called blog.txt and add the link to it.

Step-by-step instructions

Let us assume you want to subtmit solutions for Challenge 002 and your Github user name is joe-blog.

  1. If you are submitting the solution for the first time then you have to Fork the repository by clicking the "Fork" button in the top right corner and should have repository e.g.

  2. Go to your favourite terminal and clone your repository. e.g git clone

  3. Create a new branch for the solution git checkout -b new-branch.

  4. Go to the Challenge 002 folder cd perlweeklychallenge-club/challenge-002.

  5. If you find a folder with your name in the current folder then skip to next step otherwise create a new folder mkdir joe-blog.

  6. Change into your named folder cd joe-blog.

  7. If you just created the folder then you should add a file README and add a line Solution by Joe Blog otherwise skip to next step.

  8. If you want to submit Perl 5 solutions then you should create a folder perl5 (if not already created). Similarly if you want to submit Perl 6 solutions then you should create a folder perl6 (if not already created).

  9. Change into your relevant folder depending on your choice cd perl5 or cd perl6.

  10. Now you are ready to add your solutions. If it is for the first challenge then create a file named or ch-1.p6 or Similarly, if it is for the second challenge then create a file named or ch-2.p6 or

  11. Once you are happy with your solutions, you should add it to the repository. First go back to root of the repository and then fire the command git add challenge-002/joe-blog.

  12. Commit your changes git commit

  13. Push your changes git push -u origin new-branch

  14. Now go to your fork repository in GitHub web portal

  15. You should see a button to submit Pull Request.

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