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A open-source server emulator for Mario Royale browser game.
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A open-source server emulator for Mario Royale browser game.


I really liked the idea of this addictive game and, as I already imagined that it would fall for a DMCA, I did a server emulator for it. This server's purpose is to allow playing with friends, but you're free to do anything you want with it.

You can discuss about the game and this emulator in our discord.


If you are on Windows and don't want to install python to run this server, you can use the latest binary released in the releases page.


This project uses Python 2.7 and the following dependencies:

  • Twisted
  • AutoBahn
  • Emoji
  • ConfigParser

If you are on Windows, the module pypiwin32 may also be required.


Oops.. There isn't yet a tutorial, but you can get help in our discord.

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