A Scala DSL and ORM for talking with databases with minimum verbosity and maximum type safety
Scala Java
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  ========== How to build ==========

1. Download and setup the excellent build tool SBT,
   version xsbt-launch-0.6.12.jar or later :

2. Download or clone repository :
     git clone git://github.com/max-l/Squeryl.git

3. Open a shell in the project's root directory, and launch SBT,
   this will fetch the required version of Scala both for
   SBT itself and for Squeryl.

4. Type 'update' to have SBT fetch dependencies, and then
   the compile package commands are available.
   The test-run command will run the test suites against the
   minimalist but very complete H2 database.

  ========== Running in IDEA ========== 

 The project contains IDEAs .iml files, and the required files in .idea,
 so installing IDEA and the Scala plugin and creating a project in the
 root directory should be all that is necessary.