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jQuery Beeline

Beeline means take the most direct route. It's keyboard naviagation for web applications.

Based upon: http://github.com/jeresig/jquery.hotkeys




Add the following to your $(document).ready(function(event)) area:


Your links must have the class set as 'ajax' here is a typical link within a Rails app:

 <%= link_to "Products", products_path, :class => 'ajax', :target => 'content', :accesskey => 'f1' %>

This must have the following in your $(document).ready area to work

// Ajax navigation
$('a.ajax').live('click', function(e) { 
link = $(this); 
target = link.attr('target')
$('#'+target).load(link.attr('href'), function() {});

#Field Key Exceptions

If you would like to allow some keystrokes within text fields then you can add them as exceptions to the beeline function call like so:

$(document).beeline({field_keys: ['ctrl+b','f1','f2']});

#No layout Add the following to your application_controller

  # If the request is ajax then don't include a layout

  layout :no_xhr_layout
  def no_xhr_layout
    request.xhr? ? false : 'application'

#Note Key combinations can only be put on links/buttons which have been binded to a click event.