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Bash script to install a version/platform of Node.js
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A bash script to install a version of node.js for a platform of your choosing, without depending on being available.

In addition, nodejs binaries cached by Mapbox have had their signatures and shasums verified before being cached.

Install and run from S3

The latest version of the install-node script is always available at Versioned install-node scripts are still available at{VERSION}/run, but the latest version is recommended.

You should install the script from S3 with curl or wget and run it, specifying parameters as environment variables:

$ curl | NV=10.15.3 NP=linux-x64 OD=/usr/local sh


$ install_node <version> <platform+arch> <dir> [bin_only=true|false]

Please note this script uses nodejs compiled binaries, so will not work on Linux distributions using alternative libc implementations such as Alpine Linux. nodejs should be compiled from source on those systems.

This will find the corresponding node.js version for the requested platform+arch (one of linux-x64 or darwin-x64 and drop it into the specified dir.

If the optional fourth bin_only arg is set to true then only the node binary will be installed instead of npm and related resources (headers, man pages, etc.)

Note: the legacy platform (without arch) arguments linux, darwin are mapped to the following for backwards compatibility.

legacy platform arg platform+arch
linux linux-x64
darwin darwin-x64

Mirror URL

By default install_node will download node from a Mapbox S3 mirror of x64 versions of node.

You can point install_node add the official node dist endpoint or your own mirror by using the INSTALL_NODE_URL env var.

When using a custom nodejs mirror url, please note that the install_node script itself does not perform any validation or verification of the download.

$ INSTALL_NODE_URL= install_node v10.15.3 linux-x64 /usr/local

Allowed Versions

All versions of nodejs cached by Mapbox are available using any version of the install-node script. The most current list of LTS and current nodejs releases cached is available at

Adding new versions

Update the v3 cache file, and on commit, new versions added will be cached by the Travis CI job.

v3 Changes

  • Deprecated Windows support
  • Carbon LTS (v8) and later only
  • Updated nodejs team package signatures
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