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jim-martin TerrainNode refactor (#59)
* Update some variable names and code styling to improve readability.

* Factor out math related to zoom level calculations.

* Eliminate some code duplication between ImageAPI and TerrainNode.

* Store some common parameters in a 'constants' struct.

* Address #12.

* Load style and terrain texture in parallel.
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Mapbox Scene Kit SDK for iOS

Mapbox Scene Kit SDK

Using Swift, bringing our rich 3D terrain into your iOS app is easy. SceneKit SDK benefits from Apple’s toolchain and tight integration with ARKit. Using Apple's built-in Scene Kit frameworks means you can leverage compelling virtual terrain experiences without bloating your app's size.

Note this SDK is in its beta phase and will be under heavy development as we move towards our 1.0


The Mapbox Scene Kit SDK are compatible with applications written in Swift 4 or Objective-C in Xcode 9.0, and require iOS 8 or above (the examples require iOS 11 or above).


Using CocoaPods

To install Mapbox Scene Kit using CocoaPods:

  1. Create a Podfile with the following specification:

    pod 'MapboxSceneKit', :git => ''
    pod 'MapboxMobileEvents'

    The platform specified in your Podfile should be :iOS '11'

  2. Run pod repo update && pod install and open the resulting Xcode workspace.

  3. In Info.plist, add MGLMapboxAccessToken with your Mapbox Access Token as the value.

Using Carthage

Alternatively, to install Mapbox SceneKit using Carthage:

  1. Create a Cartfile with the following dependency:

    github "mapbox/mapbox-scenekit" "master"
  2. Run carthage update --platform iOS to build just the iOS dependencies.

  3. Follow the rest of Carthage’s iOS integration instructions. Your application target’s Embedded Frameworks should include MapboxSceneKit.framework.

  4. In Info.plist, add MGLMapboxAccessToken with your Mapbox Access Token as the value.

  5. Include import MapboxSceneKit at the top of your ViewController.


  1. Clone the repository or download the .zip file
  2. Run carthage update --platform ios to build just the iOS dependencies.
  3. Open MapboxSceneKit.xcodeproj.
  4. Sign up or log in to your Mapbox account and grab a Mapbox Access Token.
  5. Open the Info.plist for Example and paste your Mapbox Access Token into MGLMapboxAccessToken. (Alternatively, if you plan to use this project as the basis for a public project on GitHub, place the access token in a plain text file named .mapbox or mapbox in your home directory instead of adding it to Info.plist.)
  6. Build and run the Examples target.


We welcome feedback and code contributions! Please see for details.

You can join our Gitter community at Gitter


Mapbox SceneKit SDK for iOS is released under the ISC License. See for details.