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A Python client for Mapbox web services

The Mapbox Python SDK is a low-level client API, not a Resource API such as the ones in boto3 or Its methods return objects containing HTTP responses from the Mapbox API.


  • Analytics V1 examples, website
    • API usage for services by resource.
    • available for premium and enterprise plans.
  • Directions V5 examples, website
    • Profiles for driving, walking, and cycling
    • GeoJSON & Polyline formatting
  • Distance V1 DEPRECATED
  • Geocoding V5 examples, website
    • Forward (place names ⇢ longitude, latitude)
    • Reverse (longitude, latitude ⇢ place names)
  • Map Matching V4 examples, website
    • Snap GPS traces to OpenStreetMap data
  • Static Maps V4 examples, website
    • Generate standalone images from existing Mapbox mapids (tilesets)
    • Render with GeoJSON overlays
  • Static Styles V1 examples, website
    • Generate standalone images from existing Mapbox styles
    • Render with GeoJSON overlays
    • Adjust pitch and bearing, decimal zoom levels
  • Surface V4 examples, website
    • Interpolates values along lines. Useful for elevation traces.
  • Uploads V1 examples, website
    • Upload data to be processed and hosted by Mapbox.
  • Datasets V1 examples, website
    • Manage editable collections of GeoJSON features
    • Persistent storage for custom geographic data
  • Tilequery V4 examples, website
    • Retrieve data about specific features from a vector tileset
  • Maps V4 examples, website
    • Retrieve an image tile, vector tile, or UTFGrid in the specified format
    • Retrieve vector features from Mapbox Editor projects as GeoJSON or KML
    • Retrieve TileJSON metadata for a tileset
    • Retrieve a single marker image without any background map

Please note that there may be some lag between the release of new Mapbox web services and releases of this package.


Please see


$ pip install mapbox


pip install -e .[test]
python -m pytest

To run the examples as integration tests on your own Mapbox account

MAPBOX_ACCESS_TOKEN="MY_ACCESS_TOKEN" python -m pytest --doctest-glob='*.md' docs/*.md

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