Node.js library for interfacing with the Mapbox upload API.
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Library for interfacing with the Mapbox upload API.

⚠️ This library is no longer accepting feature requests. For a more robust and up-to-date Mapbox CLI, we recommend using mapbox-cli-py, which provides access to uploads and other services.


A Mapbox API token is required for authentication. Generate a secret token with the uploads:write scope enabled by following these steps.

JavaScript Usage

$ npm install --save mapbox-upload
var upload = require('mapbox-upload');

// creates a progress-stream object to track status of
// upload while upload continues in background
var progress = upload({
    file: __dirname + '/test.mbtiles', // Path to mbtiles file on disk.
    account: 'test', // Mapbox user account.
    accesstoken: 'validtoken', // A valid Mapbox API secret token with the uploads:write scope enabled.
    mapid: 'test.upload', // The identifier of the map to create or update.
    name: 'My upload' // Optional name to set, otherwise a default such as original.geojson will be used.

progress.on('error', function(err){
	if (err) throw err;

progress.on('progress', function(p){
	// Do something with progress-stream object, like display upload status

progress.once('finished', function(){
	// Upload has completed but is likely queued for processing and not yet available on Mapbox.



A stream object can be passed in instead of {file: filepath}. length option is recommended for accurate progress-stream reporting. If length is unknown, it can be updated after upload has begun by emitting a length event from the stream object.

CLI Usage

Using the CLI will also require generating a secret token with the uploads:write scope enabled.

$ npm install --global mapbox-upload
$ export MapboxAccessToken=<access token with uploads:write scope enabled>
$ mapbox-upload username.dataid /path/to/file

CLI usage follows the following pattern:

mapbox-upload <dataset> [<filepath> | <url>]
  • dataset refers to the id of the dataset or map being created or replaced.
  • file or url refers to either:
    • a local file
    • a remote file on S3

Creating a new file might look like:

mapbox-upload <your-username>.create example.tif

Updating an existing file would look the same, except that you would pass in an existing id.


npm test

tests require env variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY to generate test credentials