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Importer and Exporter of MBTiles

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MBUtil is a utility for importing and exporting the MBTiles format, typically created with MapBox TileMill.

Before exporting tiles to disk, see if there's a MapBox Hosting plan or an open source MBTiles server implementation that works for you - tiles on disk are notoriously difficult to manage.

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Git checkout (requires git)

git clone git://
cd mbutil
# get usage
./mb-util -h

Then to install the mb-util command globally:

sudo python install
# then you can run:

Python installation (requires easy_install)

easy_install mbutil
mb-util -h


$ mb-util -h
Usage: mb-util [options] input output

    Export an mbtiles file to a directory of files:

    $ mb-util world.mbtiles tiles # tiles must not already exist

    Import a directory of tiles into an mbtiles file:
    $ mb-util tiles world.mbtiles # mbtiles file must not already exist

  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  --scheme=SCHEME  Tiling scheme of the tiles. Default is "xyz" (z/x/y),
                   other options are "tms" which is also z/x/y
                   but uses a flipped y coordinate, and "wms" which replicates
                   the MapServer WMS TileCache directory structure "z/000/000/x/000/000/y.png"''',

Export an `mbtiles` file to files on the filesystem:

    mb-util World_Light.mbtiles adirectory

Import a directory into a `mbtiles` file

    mb-util directory World_Light.mbtiles


  • Python >= 2.6


MBUtil imports and exports metadata as JSON, in the root of the tile directory, as a file named metadata.json.

    "name": "World Light",
    "description": "A Test Metadata",
    "version": "3"


This project uses nosetests for testing. Install nosetests:

pip install nose

Then run:


See Also


BSD - see


  • Tom MacWright (tmcw)
  • Dane Springmeyer (springmeyer)
  • Mathieu Leplatre (leplatrem)
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