Public geo data for Jalisco, ready for contribution to OSM, instructions in README.
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OSM Jalisco

Public geo data for Jalisco prepared by MapBox, ready for contribution to OSM. Check out our public issue tracker to join the OSM mapping party and for more information about how to contribute.

Accessing the data

All .osm files and .py translation scripts can be found in this repo by clicking on the Downloads tab and navigating to the appropriate file. They are also available as a .zip file by clicking on the Download as zip tab.

Using the data

See instructions for using the data with Potlatch

All .osm files can be imported into OpenStreetMap's open source desktop editor JOSM but cannot be uploaded directly to OSM. This data is simply intended to serve as a resource to guide and encourage users to accurately map this region on their own.

To import the data select File, Open.

Navigate to the appropriate directory and select the file.

Once the file has uploaded you'll want to turn on Bing satellite imagery which will serve as the base layer for all of your tracing. Select Imagery - Bing Sat to add this layer into JOSM.

Zoom to the region you want to trace and download the OSM data that is already there by selecting the Download map data icon.

To start tracing add a new layer by selecting File - New Layer.

By default JOSM will activate the new layer, deactivating the Jalisco data layer previously imported and preventing you from viewing its properties. To reactive this layer to refer to its tagging information select it in the layer list then select the Activate selected layer icon.

Then select the appropriate road segment and its properties will appear in the window on the right.

Alternate between layers using the same method, and remember to only edit your own layer and not the Jalisco road data provided. If you are new to OSM, check out our post about tracing satellite imagery on the MapBox blog for more help getting started.

Sourcing the data

All geo data was obtained in shapefile format from the Sistem de Informacion Territorial del Estado de Jalisco (SITEL) website. nd made availabe to OSM with permission from Carlos Ruiz. We wrote the python scripts to translate each file's metadata into appropriate OSM tagging, using pnorman's version of ogr2osm to convert to .osm format with the following command:

python /your/file/path/Camino_2011.shp -t /your/file/path/