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The ArcMap Mapbook Project (shortname 'arcmapbook') is an open source and 
volunteer effort to extend, enhance, and fix the bugs in the ESRI developer 
sample, DS Mapbook.

ArcMapbook installation & removal should be as simple as running the _INSTALL 
and _UNINSTALL batch files. For upgrades it is a good idea to unsintall the 
old version first; existing map series will be unaffected.

Visual_Basic: 	The program
Docs: 			How to install and use Mapbook.

Project homepage:

Mapbook for ArcMap 9.3, Release 2011 October 19

Improved installation for Windows 7 and Vista, plus including the documention
and examples. There are no functional changes from the 2009 release, meaning
there is no need to upgrade if you already have a working mapbook install. 

This release doesn't contain source code. For that please see an older release,
or (better) check out from subversion --

Minimal Mapbook for ArcMap 9.3, Release 2010 November 30

This is a minor release. It's main purpose is to test:

    a) minimal packaging (no docs or examples or source code)
    b) fix for missing toolbar issues on 64 bit systems

Mapbook for ArcMap 9.3, Release 2009 February 11

This is a fullscale merge with the upstream official ESRI release for ArcGIS 9.3.
The main differences between Arcmapbook and DS Mapbook in this release are:

 * _INSTALL and _UNINSTALL updated for Vista, though it still may not work
   reliably for everybody. Thank you for providing a
 * _UNINSTALL.bat removes mapbook registry entries
 * register_component_category.reg modified to accommodate 64bit Windows XP
 * More documentation and tutorials
 * Organised and searchable bug list
  ( Don't forget to widen search
  to include closed issues when looking for solutions!
Upstream release:

Mapbook for ArcMap 9.2, Release 2007 October 26

The main reason for this release is to bundle the slightly improved un/install
with the main code. Changes from March release are:

- improved installation and removal usability (moved un/install.bat to top folder)

- initial check-in of Jerry Chase's customisation of Mapbook (Customized DS Map
  Book Manual.doc). NOTE: actual code is not yet implemented in arcmapbook,
  you'll have to pull it out of the doc yourself. Jerry's doc includes
  instruction and code. Outline of added functionality: 1. The ability to
  control the extent of the locator frames: a. Scaled Indicator: scale by the
  percentage of area of the record in focus b. Scaled Local Indicator: scaled by
  the percentage of the area which includes the record in focus and all records
  contiguous to it c. Index 2 Indicator: the ability to control extent of
  indicator frame by the area of a secondary index which is tied to the index of
  the record in focus (State in which a county is located). 

- Added to pause to (un)install batch files so any error messages can be seen.
  _UNINSTALL.bat now deletes Mapbook registry keys

Mapbook for ArcMap 9.2, Release 9.2 2007 March 13

This release is a wholesale merge of Larry Young's upstream release of 
2007-March-13[*] with our local documents. From Larry's comments, there are a lot 
of fixes to the Export routines.

Almost every file had dozens of changes, though >90% are just line prefixes (e.g. 
73:... to 86:...). so I probably missed things.

If you are currently using DS Mapbook from the 9.2 developer sample kit, you 
should upgrade to this release. 

If you've already installed the March-13 version from the ESRI support forum, 
ignore the 'Visual_Basic' folder, the only value added stuff this package is the 


Matt Wilkie, 2007 March 30


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