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Currently supported commands

General rules:

  • Paint and mapping ids are numbered starting from 1.
  • On/off properties such as solo, visible and lock are set using 1 (on) or 0 (off)
  • Percentage properties such as opacity and volume are set using a real-value in the [0, 1] range.


Rename: /mapmap/paint/name ,is <id> <name>
Adjust opacity: /mapmap/paint/opacity ,if <id> <opacity>

Color paint

Adjust color (eg. "#ff0000"): /mapmap/paint/color ,is <id> <color>

Image/Video paint

Change URI (eg. "file:///path/to/"): /mapmap/paint/uri ,is <id> <uri>
Change rate (speed) (*): /mapmap/paint/rate ,if <id> <rate>
Adjust audio volume: /mapmap/paint/volume ,if <id> <volume>
Rewind: /mapmap/paint/rewind ,i <id>

(*) 1 = same speed, 0.5 = half speed, 2 = double speed


Rename: /mapmap/mapping/name ,is <id> <name>
Adjust opacity: /mapmap/mapping/opacity ,if <id> <opacity>
Set visibility status: /mapmap/mapping/visible ,ii <id> <visible>
Set solo status: /mapmap/mapping/solo ,ii <id> <solo>
Set lock status: /mapmap/mapping/locked ,ii <id> <locked>
Adjust depth (layer order): /mapmap/mapping/depth ,ii <id> <depth> Change associated paint: /mapmap/mapping/paintId ,if <id> <paintId> (will not work if paint is not compatible to avoid errors)

Regular expressions

Paint and mapping ids are hard to remember and manipulate. Alternatively, one can use a string pattern describing a regexp over the paint or mapping names. The regular expression follows a simple "file globbing" / wildcard syntax. It is case-sensitive.


Change opacity of paint named "" to 0.1 (10%):
/mapmap/paint/opacity ,sf "" 0.1

Change opacity of all paints whose name begins by "movie-" to 0.5 (50%):
/mapmap/paint/opacity ,sf "movie-*" 0.5

Rewind all .mov paints:
/mapmap/paint/rewind ,s "*.mov"

Set all mappings that begin with "mesh-" followed by a single digit to solo mode:
/mapmap/mapping/solo ,s "mesh-[0-9]" 1


Pause: /mapmap/pause
Play: /mapmap/play
Rewind/reset: /mapmap/rewind
Quit: /mapmap/quit



/mapmap/mapping/new ,is <paint-id> <classname>    Create new mapping of class <classname> with paint <paint-id>
/mapmap/mapping/new/<type> ,is <paint-id>         Create new mapping of type <type> (mesh, triangle, or ellipse) with paint <paint-id>

/mapmap/paint/new ,s <classname>   Create new paint of class <classname>
/mapmap/paint/new/media ,s <uri>   Create new media paint with <uri>

Potentially destructive

Notice that /mapmap/quit is already destructive also, so...

/mapmap/paint/delete ,i <id>       Delete paint <id> and all its mappings
/mapmap/mapping/delete ,i <id>     Delete mapping <id>
/mapmap/load ,s <filename>         Open file (might be dangerous: might break what we are doing)


/mapmap/mapping/depth ,ii <id> <depth>   Set depth of mapping to <depth> (depths will then be reconfigured)
/mapmap/mapping/move ,ii <id> <steps>    Move mapping <id> by <steps> in the layers (steps can be positive or negative)
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