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Declarative constructors in python #459

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2. Heavier use of keyword args in constructors. I've put all possible

symbolizer parameters for the few that I've made into the

constructors, which removes the situation in the wiki GettingStarted

page where it's necessary to instantiate an object and then perform

further changes to it to get it all working. In particular, it should

be possible to populate a mapnik.Map object with style and layer

information in an entirely declarative fashion, as shown in this test

from cascadenik:


[springmeyer] see also random idea at #319


[mishok13] The code linked here is an example of trying to map XML straight to Python data structures. I have something other on my mind, something like this:

layer = mapnik.Layer('layername', datasource=some_datasource, srs=some_srs)
layer.symbolizers = [mapnik.SomeSymbolizer(...),
mapnik.AnotherSymbolizer(...)] = map_.styles['some_style'] # optionally, 'default' style will be used if not specified

This code is just a dream, of course. :)


[springmeyer] as far as default styles, I just created #461 which notes some issues around that, which I've been pondering.

@springmeyer springmeyer closed this
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