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Mapnik is an open source toolkit for developing mapping applications
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benchmark benchmark - update test_getline.cpp
demo make python3 compatible
deps use mapnik/warning_ignore.hpp in a few last places
docs touch up gcov docs [skip ci]
fonts update unifont to 8.0.01
include centroid: enable algorithm on multi-geometries with empty sub-geometries
plugins/input Merge pull request #3176 from mapycz/fix-warn
scons update SCons to 2.4.1
scripts AppVeyor: fix new paths for new GIT version
src add `scale_image_agg' and `reproject_and_scale_raster` overloads for …
test unit tests - add 'ensure original ordering in geojson.input' test ref #…
utils fix mistype => should be `while (shx.is_good() && pos <= file_length …
.gitattributes [skip ci] don't svg convert line endings on checkout
.gitignore rename nik2img to mapnik-render
.gitmodules test/data -> track master
.travis.yml rollback xcode7 usage, which broke pip install for unknown reasons update changelog and authors after #3160 update CHANGELOG for mapnik v3.0.9 release [skip ci] add proposed code of conduct from
COPYING + update FSF address Formatting
Makefile wip: add make release target [skip ci] add proposed code of conduct from
SConstruct restore -Wno-unsequenced, accidentally dropped in 7608040
appveyor.yml build-local.bat, appveyor.yml: boost@1.59 upgrade freetype, icu, and cairo to latest versions
configure Use sh instead of bash for configure put mapnik-index on PATH to allow testing to work without installing … Changed copy method for linux and mason latest

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Mapnik is an open source toolkit for developing mapping applications. At the core is a C++ shared library providing algorithms and patterns for spatial data access and visualization.

Mapnik is basically a collection of geographic objects like maps, layers, datasources, features, and geometries. The library doesn't rely on any OS specific "windowing systems" and it can be deployed to any server environment. It is intended to play fair in a multi-threaded environment and is aimed primarily, but not exclusively, at web-based development.

For further information see and also our wiki documentation.


See for installation instructions and the Install page on the wiki for guides.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.


Mapnik software is free and is released under the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). Please see COPYING for more information.

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