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Beepboop is a little journal for simple writing. Sign up at Built with MongoDB, Next.js, and Vercel.


Uses MongoDB for all data storage. All user & session collections are managed by next-auth. The primary collection is called days and has the following schema:

  "_id": ObjectId("asdf"),
  "userId": ObjectId("1234"),
  "text": "the thing happened!",
  "year": 2020,
  "month": 11,
  "day": 8,
  "weekday": 0,
  "date": 1604793600000,
  "createdAt": 1605982636061,
  "updatedAt": 1605982636061



The API only works with sessions that are provided to the running application. This is not a public API. There are no API tokens available to use these endpoints.

GET /days

Get one or more days for an account. This endpoint is used for getting a single day, paginating days, or getting days between two dates. All results are returned in descending order by date.

Basic query parameters:

The following can be used all together to get a list of days. To get a single day (i.e. a permalink) use year, month, and day query parameters all together.

  • ?year=YYYY - get all days that match the specified year
  • ?month=MM - get all days that match the specified month
  • ?day=DD - get all days that match the specified day
  • ?weekday=[1-7] - get all days that match the given weekday (1 = Sunday)

Extended query parameters:

  • ?between=START:END - load all days between two dates in YYYY-MM-DD format. Example &?between=2021-01-01:2021-02-15. All other query parameters are ignored if this is set.
  • ?page=NUMBER - load 30 days at a time, page by page. Must be a value greater or equal to 1. All other query parameters are ignored if this is set.

POST /days

Upsert a day. This performs a get then write operation.

Request body:

  "year": 2021,
  "month": 1,
  "day": 1,
  "text": "I did this thing"

DELETE /days

Remove a day. This is a permanent action. There are no soft deletes.

Request body:

  "year": 2021,
  "month": 1,
  "day": 1

GET /account

Get a single account or download account data.

A request without query parameters will return the full account object from the database. Example account object:

  "_id": "abcdefg562ec50008ec3f52",
  "name": "Leslie Knope",
  "email": "",
  "image": "",
  "createdAt": 1605982254639,
  "updatedAt": 1605982254639

A request with the ?download query parameter will download all data in the format specified. Values can be json or csv. The response includes the Content-Disposition: attachment; filename= header, which signals the client to download the response as a file.


A simple, private, daily journal.






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