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Mapserver OSM basemaps

  • this package uses a python script and the c preprocessor to build a complete mapfile from a set of templates and styling information.

  • use the branch corresponding to your mapserver version, e.g.

    • branch-6-2 for mapserver versions 6.2.X
    • master for development/current mapserver versions
  • the build process uses the gcc preprocessor extensively, you should have it installed on your system. On linux, check that the 'cpp' command is present. On OSX, the provided 'cpp' program is a shell wrapper that is not suitable: the Makefile is coded to call 'cpp-4.2', which you can change in case you have another version installed.

  • The mapfiles rely on the database schema as created by a recent version of imposm. Until recently imposm did not create the landusages_gen and waterareas_gen tables. Since 2.3.0 this is not the case anymore. If you do not have the generalized tables, you can change the landusage_data and waterareas_data entries in so that it queries the non-generalized tables on the lower zoom levels (this will be slower for the lower zoom levels).

  • The generated mapfile can also be made to query an osm database created with osm2pgsql rather than imposm. This setup is not recommended as it will be much slower. To use the osm2pgsql schema, you should add the 'osm2pgsql' entry to the list of styles for an entry of style_aliases near the end of, e.g: "bingosm2pgsql":"default,outlined,bing,osm2pgsql" then run make STYLE=bingosm2pgsql to create the

  • Most configuration and tweaks should be done in documentation as to how to edit can be fount at


Scripts to generate MapServer mapfiles based on OpenStreetMap data. Please submit pull requests to the 'main' branch.







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