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This service allows you to discover and transform coordinate systems from all over the world. Created and maintained by the MapTiler team.


$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Copy the content of "index" directory from the .zip from the latest project release.

Start the server with:

$ export
$ export FLASK_ENV=development
$ flask run

or use the gunicorn startup scripts (./epsgio start)

Create your own index from EPSG export

Note: This is not required, as you can easily download the ready-to-use index from releases.

  1. Download the newest EPSG database from []
    • a. After login it will able to export registry as Export GML 3.2.1 with EPSG metadata
  2. Make sure that these files(folder) are in one folder
    • a. folder extra_codes_proj4_4.8.0.2
    • b. file CRS_exceptions.csv
    • c. file
    • d. file
    • e. file GmlDictionary.xml (downloaded EPSG database from
  3. Start indexing via python
  4. Move created gml.sqlite into gml folder

Types of URLs:

CRS and Transformations are just codes (5514, 1623, 4326, 27700) Other are codes with suffix like:

  • for datums e.g. 9315-datum
  • for prime meridian e.g. 8901-primem
  • for ellipsoid e.g. 7004-ellipsoid
  • for method e.g. 9840-method
  • for coordinate system e.g. 6422-cs
  • for axis e.g. 106-axis
  • for area e.g. 1262-area
  • for units e.g. 9001-units

API for results

For result page exist a export in JSON and JSONP for example



  • format=json for export in json (obligatory)
  • trans=1 for more detailed transformation in each coordinate reference system (optional)
  • callback=jsonpFunction for jsonp where "jsonpFunction" is name of Javascript function (optional)

API for /trans

For one point


where everything is optional:

  • x, y, z are coordinates of point, which going to be transformed (default is 0,0,0)
  • s_srs represent source coordinate reference system (default is EPSG:4326)
  • t_srs represent target coordinate reference system (default is EPSG:4326)
  • callback=jsonpFunction is for jsonp where "jsonpFunction" is name of JavaScript function

e.g. [] will transform point on coordinates 0,0,0 from EPSG:4326 to EPSG:4326

For many points



  • data=x,y;x,y,z;x.x,y.y (for example)
  • Delimiter between points is ;
  • Delimiter between x,y,z is ,
  • Delimiter between decimal is .

Types of queries

  • kind:
value meaning value meaning
CRS(default) All coordinate reference systems ELLIPSOID Ellipsoid
PROJCRS Projected coordinate systems PRIMEM Prime meridian
GEOGCRS Geodetic coordinate systems METHOD Method
GEOG3DCRS Geodetic 3D coordinate systems CS Coordinate systems
GCENCRS Geocentric coordinate systems VERTCS Vertical coordinate system
VERTCRS Vertical coordinate systems SPHERCS Spherical coordinate system
ENGCRS Engineering coordinate systems CARTESCS Cartesian coordinate system
COMPOUNDCRS Compound coordinate systems ELLIPCS Ellipsoidal coordinate system
COORDOP All operations AXIS Axis
COPTRANS Transformations AREA Area
COPCONOP Compound operations UNIT Unit
COPCON Conversions ANGUNIT Angle unit
DATUM All datums SCALEUNIT Scale unit
VERTDAT Vertical datums LENUNIT Length unit
ENGDAT Engineering datums TIMEUNIT Time unit
GEODDAT Geodetic datums
  • deprecated: 0(default), 1
  • code: number of EPSG (5514, 4326,...)
  • name: string of name (wgs 84, jtsk, s-jtks)
  • area: string area of use (czech republic, world)
  • area_trans: string area of use of transformation
  • alt_title: alternative title (wgs84,...)

combinations: 8901 kind:PRIMEM, 1623 kind:COORDOP, code:1625 kind:COORDOP deprecated:1,...