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Grand Unified File-Index
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Grand Unified File-Index (GUFI)

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GUFI is part of MarFS, which is released under the BSD License. LA-CC-15-039

Initial development was done at LANL via an internal git-hosting service. As of rev 0.1.0, we have moved GUFI to GitHub:

We invite anyone to contribute suggestions, new features, bug-reports, bug-fixes, feature-requests, etc, through GitHub:

All bug-reports, issues, requests, etc, should go through GitHub. We will attempt to respond to requests, but we can't make promises about the level of resources that will be dedicated to GUFI maintenance.

See other components of MarFS at:

Quick Start

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install

For the dependency list, detailed build and install instructions, and common issues, please see INSTALL.



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