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Fancytree (sequel of DynaTree 1.x) is a JavaScript tree view / tree grid plugin with support for keyboard, inline editing, filtering, checkboxes, drag'n'drop, and lazy loading.



GitHub version See the change log for details.

Fancytree is considered feature-complete. The code is still maintained and bugfixes will be commited. However do not expect new major features.
Have a look at the Wunderbaum incubator for a potential successor.

Get Started

ES6 Quickstart

import $ from "jquery";

import 'jquery.fancytree/dist/skin-lion/ui.fancytree.less';  // CSS or LESS

import {createTree} from 'jquery.fancytree';

import 'jquery.fancytree/dist/modules/jquery.fancytree.edit';
import 'jquery.fancytree/dist/modules/jquery.fancytree.filter';

const tree = createTree('#tree', {
  extensions: ['edit', 'filter'],
  source: {...},
// Note: Loading and initialization may be asynchronous, so the nodes may not be accessible yet.

See module loader support and API docs.


Thanks to all contributors.