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Plugin for SharpKit with unobtrusive features
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This repository contains plugin for SharpKit that enables export to javascript without referencing any SharpKit library. The goal behide is to have reference-clear projects, that are "shared" between server and client.

When developing client-side only library, typically UI, there is no need for removing reference to SharpKit. But when such library is re-used in the server project, defining export in SharpKit standard way requires reference to SharpKit, and so requires distributing this library with the server application and also loading the assembly to the AppDomain.

How to integrate?

As other SharpKit plugins, copy released asemblies to the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\SharpKit\5 and import SharpKit targets with plugin.

    <SkcPlugin Include="SharpKit.UnobtrusiveFeatures.Plugin, SharpKit.UnobtrusiveFeatures">
<Import Project="$(MSBuildBinPath)\SharpKit\5\SharpKit.Build.targets" />


With the UnobtrusiveFeatures plugin there is only XML configuration file and build targets import in the csproj. No reference required for defining export to the javascript.

The configuration XML follows XSD and so VisualStudio offers intellisense for it.

<UnobtrusiveFeatures xmlns="">
    <Export Filename="Neptuo.js" FilenameFormat="~/bin/{0}" />
    <Namespace Target="Neptuo.Compilers" Export="False" />
    <Namespace Target="Neptuo.Security.Cryptography" Export="False" />
    <Namespace Target="Neptuo.Threading" Export="False" />
    <Type Target="Neptuo.Activators.DependencyServiceProvider" Export="False" />
    <Type Target="Neptuo.CodeDom.Compiler.CsCodeDomCompiler" Export="False" />
    <Type Target="Neptuo.Collections.Specialized.NameValueReadOnlyDictionary" Export="False" />

Also, the configuration files can hierarchically inherited. If the project directory is for example D:\Development\Framework\MyFramework\src, in every directory on the path can be configuration file, named SharpKit.UnobtrusiveFeatures.xml or as currenly exporting assembly, eg: MyFramework.xml, that can contain some properties. These file are then in-memory-merged into a single configuration during compilation.

Also, the Filename and FilenameFormat attributes of Export element can contain placeholder for assembly name. We can define single configuration file in the root of all development projects, define like:

<UnobtrusiveFeatures xmlns="">
    <Export FilenameFormat="~/bin/{0}" Filename="{AssemblyName}.js" />

And this configuration file will export every SharpKit-enabled project to the file named as assembly in the bin folder of the project.

Advanced export features:

  • Export defines global export. With this element we can define fallback file and path format to export all types to.
  • ExternalTypes can be used, when we want to export used attributes which are referenced from assemblies, that we don't have source files for. As SharpKit such attributes automatically ommits, we can override this behavior to include them in the compilation. Note: Only the use of attributes is compiled. We are responsible to provide javascript type defines ourselves.
  • Namespace defines exporting rules to namespace and all subnamespaces. With this element we can exclude whole namespace or change target file name.
  • Type defines exporting rules for concrete class, like using JsTypeAttribute.

Extended C# artifacts

The plugin also exports some C# artifacts that are not export the SharpKit it self. The first one is a IsAbstract flag, that contains information whether the class can be instantiated.

var TestSharpKit$UI$Presenter = {
    IsAbstract: false,

The second one is a list of constructors defined in the class. With this feature, we can simply build IoC container with constructor injection. The export looks like:

var TestSharpKit$UI$Presenter = {
    ctors: [{
        name: "ctor",
        parameters: ["TestSharpKit.UI.Views.MainView"]


Apache 2.0

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