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includeTargets << grailsScript("Init")
includeTargets << grailsScript("_GrailsBootstrap")
includeTargets << new File("${cloudBeesPluginDir}/scripts/_CheckConfig.groovy")
includeTargets << new File("${cloudBeesPluginDir}/scripts/_BeesHelper.groovy")
includeTargets << new File("${cloudBeesPluginDir}/scripts/_BeesCommon.groovy")
USAGE = '''
grails bees-db-snapshot-delete <snapshotId> [dbId]
snapshotId : the snapshot id (retrieved by snapshot list)
dbId : the database name (defaults first to environment database name, then application name)
target(beesDbSnapshotDelete: "Delete a database snapshot.") {
depends(checkConfig, prepareClient, loadApp, configureApp)
String snapshotId = getRequiredArg(0)
String dbId = buildDbId(1, appCtx)
def response
try {
response = beesClient.databaseSnapshotDelete(dbId, snapshotId)
} catch (Exception e) {
dealWith e
event "StatusFinal", ["Database snapshot deleted successfully: $response.deleted"]
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