An example of a PAGI IVR application, including unit tests
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An example PAGI IVR application (for asterisk and php, of course), including unit tests with phpunit. This is the source code for the article at:

The code

  • src/MyApp/App.php is the IVR application itself.
  • test/AppTest.php is a phpunit test case for the ivr application. It contains 2 unit tests.

The other files serve as a skeleton for running everything.


  1. Copy the directory "config.example" (and its contents) to "config".
  2. Edit config/php.ini if you need to change xdebug extension path.
  3. Edit config/ Change "php" and "pear" to match the paths in your filesystem (usually /usr/bin/php and /usr/bin/pear).
  4. Run ./composer.phar install

Run the tests

$ bin/

The coverage will be generated as html in runtime/coverage. You can find resulting logs from tests in runtime/log/dev.log

Run the IVR

In your extensions.conf, put these lines (modify to suit your paths):

exten => 123,1,AGI(/home/ivr/bin/
exten => 123,n,Hangup

Run the application by calling 123 (or the extension you've configured). Resulting logs are in runtime/log/production.log