Small erlang simple cache using ETS to wrap your methods with
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This is the source code for this post, a simple ETS based cache.

For the original version, see the 0.1 tag

Using it

The updated code now has a separate process to handle the expirations, which is a regular gen_server. To start it, just do:


Create a cache


Getting a key

The following call will lookup my_key in the cache named my_cache_name, and on a MISS will call the given fun, caching its result for 3600000 milliseconds.

simple_cache:get(my_cache_name, 3600000, my_key, fun() ->
    io:format("This fun will be called on a cache miss~n"),

Flushing the cache


Flushing a key

simple_cache:flush(my_cache_name, my_key).