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This repository provides peer-to-peer networking capabilities for emulated computers written in JavaScript. It provides a virtual data-link layer that allows tunneling of packets over WebRTC data channels, allowing an emulated computer that is running on one web browser to communicate with an emulated computer that is running on another web browser.

This repository also contains source code for a debugging tool that allows inspection of packets travelling over said virtual data-link layer. There are also higher-level implementations of specific network protocols and services for an Xerox Alto emulated computer.

How does it work?

This library uses PeerJS for establishing one-to-one connections between pairs of participants. This library builds on top of that capability to create a many-to-many mesh network between more than two participants. This mesh network simulates a shared medium that can carry binary packets, supports data link addressing and broadcast packets among emulated computers.

When paired with an appropriate emulator, this virtual data link can carry vintage network protocols such as legacy Ethernet (for emulated Xerox Alto computers) or LocalTalk (for emulated Macintosh computers) and enable multi-player gaming.

Related Projects:

This code has been developed to support the following projects:


Provides networking services for JavaScript computer emulators over WebRTC



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