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Robot Manipulator workshop made from laser cut wood following the MeArm design
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Locations that hosted the workhop up to date:

  1. Open Fiesta, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen, China: 07th of May, 2019 (Thanks Ji Li!!)
  2. Python for Women, Trouble Makers, Shenzhen, China: 08th of May, 2019 (Thanks a lot Linda!)

Mearm robot workshop with PSLab

These are the slides for the robot manipulator workshop at Tsinghua University.

It gives an overview of the idea and purpose of the workshop as well as the materials and parts used in it.

The code in this jupyter notebook allows you to control servo motors using PSLab.

To open the presentation you can:

Option 1: execute remotely (easier and recommended option)

Option 2: execte locally (for the more experience ones)

  1. Install conda, see its documentation
  2. Clone this repo using git
  3. Create a new conda environment
$ conda env create -n robotworkshop -f binder/environment.yml
  1. Execute the jupyter notebook
$ jupyter notebook
  1. Open the url shown in the console with your favourite browser
  2. Enjoy the presentation!

Option 3: checkout the notebook (with no option to execute the code)

Online notebook (read only)

Once opened you can see it in presentation mode (by clicking on the icon on the top right corner that looks like a present). Although no style file will be loaded and your presentation background will be plain white.

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