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English Dictionaries Project (AOO+Mozilla+others)

For many years that people stopped maintaining dictionaries for open-source software.

It would be great to continue their work and improve existing dictionaries or create new ones.

The biggest issue is that most of these dictionaries are obfuscated (codified in a way that only certain software packages can access the wordlists) and the original developers are long-gone to provide the clean text ones.

In some cases, we will have to start from a long-time gone position, the last known clean text version of the dictionary.

Modifying, updating and maintaining a dictionary is a hard task but an important one for current and future generations.

The dictionaries here are the most recent versions available and this repository makes it easier for developers to find all in one place and take the .AFF and .DIC files to use them in projects with proofing — or spellchecking — functionalities.

I (Marco Pinto) am only improving the en_GB. Kevin Atkinson maintains the en_AU, en_US and en_CA. Please contact Kevin directly for the latter three:, and Dwayne Bailey maintains the en_ZA:

I will try to release monthly updates for Mozilla, and every two months for OpenOffice and LibreOffice. When a new version of AOO is to be released, there is no dictionary update for it to avoid notifying people to update after installing the latest AOO. Thus, a release is skipped for AOO.

Notice the "en_GB_speller_for_Mozilla+AOO+LO_2013+.txt" above where I keep a changelog.

I keep notes of the most recent releases for Mozilla, BlueGriffon, AOO and LO on the Proofing Tool GUI site:

Each GitHub folder has:


Licences for the wordlists:

  • en_AU (Kevin Atkinson) — BSD/MIT-Like;
  • en_CA (Kevin Atkinson) — BSD/MIT-Like;
  • en_GB (Marco A.G.Pinto) — LGPL;
  • en_US (Kevin Atkinson) — BSD/MIT-Like;
  • en_ZA (Dwayne Bailey) — LGPL.

Suggesting words:

(First check the wordlist .txt file inside the folder of the latest en_GB. If the words aren't there, check "en_GB_speller_for_Mozilla+AOO+LO_2013+.txt" topping this page).
If NOT found:

  • Open an issue or e-mail Marco Pinto ( marcoagpinto AT ) with the suggested words.

Projects using GB/Proofing Tool GUI:

If you know of any projects that use them, please let me know and I will list them in the official PTG page.


English Dictionaries Project (AOO+Mozilla+others)


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