code to visualize gps data from mobile phone pictures
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LICENSE Initial commit Dec 23, 2014

Map your trips using pics from your phone

This script provides R code to visualize GPS data using geotagged pictures.

Most pictures taken using a mobile phone get automatically geotagged. This script extracts metadata from JPEG files, including latitude, longitude and date when the picture was taken, and plots great circles between locations farther than a configurable threshold. Additionally, time spent in different locations is shown using circles of different sizes.

Parts of the script are based on code from flowing data / Nathan Yau ( and timelyportfolio (


  • download and install exiftool, which is called by the R script (
  • download your pics from your mobile phone (I used Dropbox Camera Upload)
  • set the path to your pics folder in the R script
  • run the script

The map will be exported as a pdf in the same folder you set as path.

Find out more here:

Examples: alt tag alt tag