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Basic neural network trained on MNIST data.
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Simple MNIST Neural Network

This library provides a simple neural network implementation using the MNIST handwritten digits dataset and the simpleneuralnets library.

It currently does not install on Microsoft Windows due to some compilations issues surrounding the library used for random number generations & wincrypt.h.


Binary (no requirements)

Download the binary from the releases tab or directly from the instructions below (might be out of date).

chmod +x simplemnistneuralnet
./simplemnistneuralnet --help

Via Nimble (requires Nim to be installed; installs to Path)

Install Nim from

Install the libraries:

nimble install
nimble install
nimble install

Run the network:

simplemnistneuralnet --help

Command Line Interface

Assistance on options is provided by the --help parameter

$ ./simplemnistneuralnet --help
  main [optional-params]
  Options(opt-arg sep :|=|spc):
  -h, --help                               write this help to stdout
  -w, --web_server       bool      false   Enable the web server component, see also port.
  -p=, --port=           int       8080    Set the port to run the web server on. If port 80 is used, remember to use
  -t=, --threshold=      float     0.0     The minimum output required to consider the number valid and not an
                                           'Unknown' or exceptional case.
  -r=, --random_batch=   int       0       Randomly searches for ideal hyperparameters, ignores all further
                                           parameters. 0 disables it, otherwise set to the number of searches to
  -l=, --learning_rate=  float     0.5     Learning rate or alpha for the backpropagation.
  -e=, --epochs=         int       20      The number of rates to train the network for.
  -a=, --activation=     string    "tanh"  The activation function, either 'tanh' for hyperbolic tangent or 'sigmoid'
                                           for logistic sigmoid.
  --hidden_layers=       ,SV[int]  10      The composition of the hidden layers. For instance for 3 hidden layer with
                                           20, 10, and 5 neurons in each, write '20,10,5'


Generate a simple neural network

./simplemnistneuralnet --learning-rate 0.5 --epochs 10 --hidden-layers=20

Serve the simple neural network as a web interface

./simplemnistneuralnet -w --port 8080 --learning-rate 0.5 --epochs 10 --hidden-layers=20

Generate a pretty good neural network

./simplemnistneuralnet --learning-rate 0.5 --epochs 53 --hidden-layers=70,85 --activation tanh

Generate hyperparameters via random search

./simplemnistneuralnet --random-batch 5

Classify uncertain results (<=0.5) as unknown/failed matches

./simplemnistneuralnet --learning-rate 0.5 --epochs 10 --hidden-layers=20 --threshold 0.5

Full example

./simplemnistneuralnet -w --port 8080 --learning-rate 0.5 --epochs 55 --hidden-layers=70,85 --activation tanh --threshold 0.5

Remember that if running on port 80, you might need to prefix this with sudo.

Other resources

This project was used as the basis for a small presentation discussing the impact of hyperparameters and methods of choosing hyperparameters.

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