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This fork exists to bring back the basic functionality of react-app-rewired in a simple and non intrusive way.
I do my best to keep this fork up-to-date and to inject as little custom code as possible.

This package includes scripts and configuration used by Create React App.
Please refer to its documentation:

Quick Start

npx create-react-app project-name --scripts-version react-scripts-rewired

Extend Webpack config

In your project's root you'll find webpack.config.extend.js which contains a simple function that could mutate the webpack configuration that is provided by create-react-app.

module.exports = (webpackConfig, env, { paths }) => {
    webpackConfig = rewireEslint(webpackConfig)
    return webpackConfig

Compatible Rewire Libraries:

Extend Webpack DevServer config

The very same concept and signature is applied to the webpackDevServer.config.extend.js.

Custom App Template

You can create your own app template as .cra-template/ and place it in the folder in which you are going to create your new app.

If you want to specify a custom template folder to use, there is what I believe to be a temporary CLI option that will make CRA to use a local template:

create-react-app \
    project-name \
    --scripts-version react-scripts-rewired \
    --internal-testing-template my-custom-template

Existing Templates

This custom fork of react-scripts comes with a couple of specific templates that might come in handy to bootstrap a new project:

  • barebone: plain folder to start with, no existing code.
  • fullstack: radium, redux, react-router, express, graphql client, ssr, ... (under construction)