Stream MySQL binary logs and consume them with Scala actors (RabbitMQ, Kafka).
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Guzzler: Stream MySQL binary logs and act on them

Guzzler has been superceded by

Guzzler allows you to stream MySQL binary logs from a master and lets you act on them using Scala actors (consumers). Consumers are configurable in guzzler.conf along with the rest of the required parameters. Included with Guzzler is a RabbitMQ consumer that will push queries into a RabbitMQ server for consumption.

Guzzler can start, stop, restart and seek in the binary logs via a remote SSH interface. Guzzler handles connection issues or random disconnects and attempts to pick up where it left off.

Consumers either in Guzzler itself of behind RabbitMQ can analyze the queries (Guzzler provides an SQL query parser based on JSqlParser) and may decide to update counters, fire off events, log messages, etc.

Sample SSH session (no auth yet):

-=[ Welcome to Guzzler ]=-

guzzler stream stop
guzzler stream seek db-bin.000924 900993280
	guzzler stream stop
	guzzler stream resume