Kodi/XBMC pvr backend plugin for MediaPortal's TVServer
Latest commit 5fc4776 Jan 4, 2017 @margro Fixed: Use URL escaping for the GetRecordingInfo and GetScheduleInfo …
…commands to accept fields with enters inside

This fixes recording playback for in progress recordings when the description fields contains a multi-line string


This TVServer plugin (or standalone tool for debugging purposes) is the server side for both the MediaPortal PVR clients and the python "TVServer" video plugin.
This version is an extended and improved version of the existing MediaPortal TV Server plugin "TVServerXBMC" (by EvilDude/Prashant) from the MediaPortal mp-plugins repository.

This plugin is compatible with the MediaPortal 1 TV Server.
Supported clients are: XBMC Frodo, XBMC Gotham, Kodi Helix and above

Main changes:
more commands added, needed for the PVR addon;