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jquery templates for erlang/efene

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fnt - efene template

hopefuly an implementation of jquery template[1] for erlang/efene


why it's awesome?

  • compile to erlang bytecode
  • uses io lists (no string concatenation)
  • write your templates once, run them in the server and the browser
  • jquery templates awesomeness
  • erlang/efene awesomness

is it everything awesome?


  • work in progress
  • currently supports
    • if/else
    • each
    • html
    • ${}
  • to implement
    • tmpl
    • wrap
  • needs tests
    • to check compliance with js semantics
    • to check that we get the same results as jquery-tmpl
    • to check that it works in all cases

hey! aren't you the efene guy? why is it in erlang then?

I don't want to push efene as a dependency, but as I said efene is awesome so go and check it out!

so... why is it called efene template if it's written in erlang?

because it will be in the efene standard library and I'm really bad at names ;)

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