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JavaScript-based Jekyll clone
Latest commit 9fdc01c Jan 8, 2016 Colby Russell committed with Issue #7: Support nested layouts
This also changes the `mainContent` property to `mainText`, because writing
out `contents.mainContent` helped me realize how silly it was for me to choose
that name in the first place.


A minimal Jekyll clone in node.js.


I like the approach to managing a site taken by Jekyll. A lot.

I don't like Ruby, and I don't like strict logic-less templates. Jekyll is Ruby with Liquid as the templating engine.

Heckle is JavaScript with Mold (programmable template extravaganza) as the templating engine.


Don't use Heckle at this point if you want something stable and finished. It's a work in progress, and may be radically changed or pitilessly abandoned at any time.

If that didn't scare you off, you should be able to get dependencies with npm install.

When the dependencies have been installed, you should be able to change to the directory that contains your blog files, and run...

nodejs /path/to/heckle/heckle.js

It parses a _config.yml and treats _posts, _layouts, and _includes dirs much like Jekyll. Your templates should be in Mold syntax and read $arg rather than post or page to get context information.

At some point, more detailed docs, as well as commmand-line arguments, might materialize. For now, read the code, it's (at the time of writing) less than 200 lines.

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