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Electronic Democracy Tool Kit - Digital Voting Software
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eVote/Clerk -- Electronic Democracy Tool Kit


"The Clerk" is a specialized database server, specialized to keep
votes for a computer-connected community.

"eVote(R)" is any user interface that uses The Clerk.

eVote(R)/Clerk 2.5xx is the email user interface for taking polls
amongst the members of email lists.  It cooperates with Mailman or
Majordomo listservers.


  *  Enables any member of an email list to generate a new poll for
     the group.

  *  Polls can be:

        +  Public - where everyone can see everyone's votes, or
        +  Private - where no one can see anyone else's vote, or
        +  If-Voted - where everyone can see who voted, but not how
                      they voted.

        +  Numeric - where votes are from 1 to 10, or -10 to 10, etc., or
        +  Yes/No.

        +  Visible - where everyone can see the tally while the poll is
                     open, or
        +  Hidden -  where no one can see the results until the poll is

        +  Single item - or,
        +  Grouped items - where participants vote for one of a number
                     of choices, or for three of the choices, or they can
                     distribute their 100 vote points over the choices.

  * Supports petitions.  Petitions are generated and administered by the 
    members of a "petition" list.  Petition features:

        + Open for anyone to sign.
        + Supported in English, Spanish and French.  
        + Can be:
            - Signature-only petitions
            - Petitions with voting items
            - Petitions with forms


You must be running Mailman or Majordomo on the Linux operating system.
Mailman is written in Python and has a web-based interface.  Majordomo
is written in Perl and is email-only.

To install Mailman, collect version 2.0.13 from

To install Majordomo, collect version 2.94.5 from


To install, please use the directions in the "Installation" chapter
of ./doc/eVote.doc


The complete eVote(R)/Clerk manual is in ./doc/eVote.doc.

eVote's home page is:

eVote's development is collaborated at:

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