Geraldo is a reports engine for Python and Django applications. It uses the power of ReportLab and PIL to generate reports with page header and footer, child bands, report begin and summary bands, agreggation and graphic elements, etc.
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Geraldo is a reports generator created to work like ReportBuilder, QuickReport
or Jasper Reports. It has bands with fixed width and flexible height to show on
top, summary, page header, page footer, in table or each one for an object.

It is under GPL and works only with Django framework and Python language.

It depends on ReportLab library to work.

Our main long terms goals are (those with (x) are working):

Engine API

- Support to basic bands:
 - Page header (x)
 - Page footer (x)
 - Report top/begin (x)
 - Report summary (x)
 - Detail (x)
 - Group (x)
 - Child bands (x)
 - Table details
- Support graphics (x)
- Support charts - use graphics.Image to set a rendered char image (x)
 - Support with no dependency on charts generators
- Support aggregation fields (x)
- Support expression (x)
- Support calculated fields (x)
- Support multiples group bands (x)
- Support band-width in widgets (x)
- Support stylizing widgets (font, colors, borders and alignments) (x)
- Support subreports (x)
- Report inheritance and composition (x)
- Support canvas drawing
- Reports merging (many reports at once) (x)
- Multiple columns
- Events system (x)
- Caching (x)
- Map/Reduce generating
- Drill down reports


- Best use of PDF generator (x)
- Export to HTML and maybe to TXT
- Export/import structure to/from a XMLized format

User interaction

- Have a GUI tool to design reports, if possible to be used in a web browser
- Have a way to create and print reports using a server, with no low leve coding
- Have a explicit, clear and full documentation (x)


- ReportLab
- If you use Image graphic element, Python Imaging Library (PIL) is also necessary

Marinho Brandao