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A simple, yet feature rich password manager for Nextcloud
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Easy to use yet feature-rich and secure password manager for Nextcloud



Easy to use web interface

Manage your passwords with ease in Nextcloud thanks to the modern and clear web interface provided. Keep your password database manageable and accessible with folders and tags.

Modern password generator

The integrated password generator follows the new NIST Digital Identity Guidelines. It generates long passwords which are easy to remember, yet long and secure. Say goodbye to pseudo random letters and numbers, random password requirements and contra productive expiration guidelines without reason. Why? Because it is easier for you to remember that your twitter account unlocks with a "FuriousToothbrush" than "fAu*j,4?rQ:25(#c". Of course we know that most websites still require numbers and special characters, sou we will help you with that as well.

Integrated security check

Passwords like "P@55w0rd" may fool most generic security checks, but they are so common that most hackers have them in their lists. This is why passwords checks automatically if your passwords have been compromised by integrating the Have I been pwned service. You can get convenient e-mail alerts when one of your passwords has been compromised. You can activate additional security checks to make sure your passwords fulfill your standards.

Legacy API and APP Migration support

Are you using Fallon Turners Passwords app for Nextcloud/OwnCloud? No problem! Passwords will automatically import all the passwords from the old app. Take a look at the legacy migration guide for more details. Thanks to the legacy API support you can even keep applications using the old API. (But passwords with client side encryption are not available on the old API)

Build upon modern standards

Passwords is fast and uses modern web technology to give you the best experience possible. Rather than implementing own and possibly error-prone encryption algorithms Passwords uses standardized and well tested APIs to encrypt your passwords. The web interface is mobile friendly and can be used with any modern web browser.

Wide language support

Passwords is available in english, german, french, dutch, swedish, czech and russian.


Server Side Encryption

Passwords offers a safe server side encryption using Nextclouds integrated encryption functionality. Each password is encrypted with it's own unique key.

Client Side Encryption (E2E)

You can have your passwords encrypted in your browser. This will protect them from unauthorized access and even keep them safe if the server is hacked.

Access Protection & Two-Factor-Authentication

Passwords offers the option of a master password for additional safety. (In combination with client side encryption) The app also supports most 2FA authentication methods offered by Nextcloud.


There are no apps for the modern API right now. But there are some for the legacy API.


Passwords offers complete API, giving you access to all features of the app. You can use our javascript client or take a look at the api documentation.


Simply install the app from the Nextcloud App Store.


  • Linux based OS
  • Nextcloud 15+
  • PHP 7.1+



  • Install our nightly build.
  • Do you want to help us? Read the guide and get started.
  • Do you want do want to use the API? Read the docs.

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