marker component for pigeon-maps
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pigeon-marker - Marker component for pigeon-maps

npm version

React demo:

Inferno demo:



To use in your component (with beta version 0.3.0):

// default for React
import Marker from 'pigeon-marker'

// explicitly ask for the React version
import Marker from 'pigeon-marker/react'

// explicitly ask for the Inferno version
import Marker from 'pigeon-marker/inferno'

// choose the Inferno or React version based on BABEL_ENV
import Marker from 'pigeon-marker/infact'

class Demo extends Component {
  handleMarkerClick = ({ event, payload, anchor }) => {
    console.log(`Marker #${payload} clicked at: `, anchor)

  render () {
    return (
      <Map defaultCenter={[50.879, 4.6997]} defaultZoom={12} width={600} height={400}>
        <Marker anchor={[50.879, 4.6997]} payload={1} onClick={this.handleMarkerClick} />