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Stand-alone RavenDB index builder, used in CI systems and automated deployments

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Hircine is a stand-alone RavenDB index builder used in CI systems and automated deployments. Think of it like FluentMigrations, but for RavenDB indexes instead of SQL schemas.

Hircine currently works with Albacore if you're using Rake for your build system.

How to Use Hircine

Hircine comes in two flavors:

  • hircine.exe - a stand-alone command-line interface (CLI) that you can use to execute index build jobs against RavenDB or
  • Hircine.Core - the index-building engine that powers hircine.exe, available as a C# assembly for your use.

For detailed instructions, check out the Hircine Wiki.

If you're brand new to Hircine, check out the getting started wiki page.

Supported Versions of RavenDB

Hircine has been tested and successfully used against the following STABLE versions of RavenDB (server:)

  • RavenDB 1.0.960
  • RavenDB 1.0.888

Hircine uses the RavenDB 1.0.960 client internally.


Licensed under Apache 2.0, see license.txt for details.

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