A sample app to demonstrate using Cesium with React and Webpack, accompanying the blog series at http://blog.isquaredsoftware.com/series/declaratively-rendering-earth-in-3d/
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Declaratively Rendering Earth in 3D: A Cesium+React+Webpack Demo

A sample application to accompany the Declaratively Rendering the Earth in 3D blog series by Mark Erikson, demonstrating how to use the Cesium.js 3D globe library with React and Webpack.

This sample app demonstrates how to:

  • Set up a basic React app that loads Cesium
  • Configure Webpack for faster build times and deployment of an application that uses Cesium using DllPlugin for code splitting
  • Use React components to declaratively control rendering of Cesium primitives through Cesium's imperative APIs

Please feel free to discuss implementation questions in both issues and pull requests! I'm happy to talk about why I did things a certain way.