Scripts for rewriting Git repo history and transforming JS source to ES6+
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Git and JS History Conversion Tools

These tools accompany my blog post Rewriting Your Git History and JS Source for Fun and Profit.

They are a slightly sanitized version of the scripts that I used to rewrite our Git repository, by converting all AMD/ES5 code to ES6 module syntax, and auto-formatting all JS and Python source throughout the entire history of the repository.

If you actually wanted to use this:


  1. Tweak paths as needed:
    1. Edit to define the source repo and output repo paths
    2. Edit js-codemods/transformJSFile.js and fix the path to a temp folder for writing errors to disk
  2. Use yarn to install the JS dependencies under js-codemods/
  3. Install Black and Requests into your system's Python3 location


  1. Run node js-codemods/jsTransformServer in a separate shell.
  2. Run python3 to kick this off.