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Immutable Data

Immutable Data Structures (Specialized)

Immutable Data Structures (Object Freezing)

Immutable Update Utilities

Immutable/Redux Interop

Alternate Data Management Concepts

  • reduxdb
    Redux with MongoDB-like API. Dispatches internal Redux actions in response to API calls like db.someCollection.insert({id : 1, name "abc"}).

  • Vry
    Data modeling with Immutable.js designed for use with Redux-like architectures. Defining models using Immutable.js, making it easier to define defaults, parsing, serialisation, merging, identifiying entities, etc. Models are stateless (anaemic), meaning the instances (Immutable.Maps) are passed to the Model's methods as the first argument and a new / updated version is returned. This makes them a great fit to implement Redux reducers.

  • Datascript
    Immutable database and Datalog query engine for Clojure, ClojureScript and JS

  • jseg
    A super simple, in-memory, JS graph database.

  • redux-graph
    Really basic graph database with entity and triple storage with some helper functions to join it all together. The module loosely follows the Hexastore approach. Six indices are created for every triple, in order to access them as fast as it is possible.