Alternative MediaFoundation support for NAudio using SharpDX for interop
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Alternative MediaFoundation support for NAudio using SharpDX for interop. Provides alternative implementations of the four main NAudio Media Foundation support classes/

  • SharpMediaFoundationReader
  • SharpMediaFoundationEncoder
  • SharpMediaFoundationResampler
  • SharpMediaFoundationTransform

A sample WPF application shows how they can be used in the same way that the standard .NET Media Foundation classes are used.

Benefits compared to using the standard NAudio classes:

  • Create a reader from a standard .NET stream
  • Encode to a standard .NET stream
  • Reader does not need to recreate its internal COM object when accessed from another thread
  • Probably performance is better (although see note below)

Currently this is using a custom (debug) build of SharpDX.dll and SharpDX.MediaFoundation.dll. Once a new release of SharpDX containing the enhancements for NAudio has been released, this project will be able to take a dependency on the NuGet SharpDX package, and itself be published as a NuGet package.


Currently you'll need to do your own build. Download the source and build it. Then reference all the following DLLs:

  • NAudio.dll
  • SharpDX.dll
  • SharpDX.MediaFoundation.dll
  • NAudio.SharpMediaFoundation.dll

It is built against .NET 3.5, and should work just fine with .NET 4, 4.5, 4.5.1 etc.