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Active One-shot Learning

This repo contains code accompaning the paper, Active One-shot Learning (Woodward and Finn, NIPS Deep RL Workshop 2016). It includes code for running the experiment described in the paper.

Naming Conventions

Variables representing a tensor in the graph end with _t. For example, you might feed the tensor last_label_t with the numpy variable last_label. Also, a variable ending with _ts is a list of tensors.


This code requires the following:

  • python 3.*
  • tensorflow v1.0+
  • numpy


A preprocessed version of the original Omniglot dataset is included with this project.


$ python3
$ tensorboard --logdir ./logs

The accuracy curves will look like the following, this one is for the second instance of a class in an episode:

alt text

The code in this project builds a graph of the full training episode. If you wish to use the model after training, you would likely do one step at a time. Here is an example of what that code might look like:

agent = model.Agent(False, params)
action_t, _ = agent.next_action([last_label_t, features_t])
action, rnn_state =
  [action_t, agent.rnn_state_t],
    last_label_t=last_label, # feed zeros if no label was requested


To ask questions or report issues, please open an issue on the issues tracker. Also, feel free to contact Mark Woodward at