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Project Eideticker

Project Eideticker is an automated test harness that captures and analyzes browser output (currently only on Fennec on Android, but support for other platforms is planned).


  • Linux system with zip and ffmpeg installed.

  • Blackmagic Design DeckLink card and the appropriate drivers.

    • Testing has been done with the DeckLink HD Extreme 3D; no idea if other cards would work.


Run in the root directory to set everything up.


Eideticker is currently only tested with the Galaxy S-2 phone, running Android 2.2 and rooted. Assuming this is your configuration, you should be able to get Eideticker running by install SUTAgent on your phone and issuing the following commands:

./bin/ <ip address of phone> \
                     <address of a checkout of talos on your web server> \
                     <name of fennec application to test>

For example, my workstation is on, I've bindmounted talos's directory to a subdirectory on my workstation, I've built a custom version of fennec with the name org.mozilla.fennec_wlach, and my phone has an ip address of I'd thus run as follows:

./bin/ org.mozilla.fennec_wlach

Once you've configured talos, you can run it with a single command:


You should then have a bunch of capture data stored in src/talos/captures. Currently we just run the ts test (not very interesting), more useful tests planned!

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