A console plugin for helping you manage your ACL tables.
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Acl Extras

Acl Extras provides a console app that helps you manage DbAcl records more easily. Its main feature and purpose is to make generating Aco nodes for all your controllers and actions easier. It also includes some helper methods for verifying and recovering corrupted trees.


Clone the repo or download a tarball and install it into app/Plugin/AclExtras or in any of your pluginPaths.

Then activate the plugin in your app/Config/bootstrap.php file as shown below:



You can find a list of commands by running Console/cake AclExtras.AclExtras -h from your command line.

Setting up the contorller

You'll need to configure AuthComponent to use the Actions authorization method.
In your beforeFilter add the following:

$this->Auth->authorize = 'actions';
$this->Auth->actionPath = 'controllers/';


If you find an issue in the code or want to suggest something, please use the tickets at http://github.com/markstory/acl_extras/issues


Acl Extras is licensed under the MIT license.