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A 3D Quickhull implementation in Go.

Big thanks to @akuukka for their public domain C++ implementation which was used as a reference.

This is different from Google's S2 Geometry implementation because it works in ℝ³ instead of S².

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Go Get

go get -u


Example with a simple, planar point-cloud.

package main

import (

	r3 ""
	quickhull ""

func main() {
	pointCloud := []r3.Vector{
		{X: 1, Y: 2, Z: 1},
		{X: 4, Y: 7, Z: 1},
		{X: 7, Y: 2, Z: 1},
		{X: 4, Y: 4, Z: 1}, // This point is inside the hull

	hull := new(QuickHull).ConvexHull(pointCloud, true, false, 0)

	fmt.Println(hull.Vertices) // does not contain (4,4,1)
	fmt.Println(hull.Triangles()) // triangles that make up the convex hull - [][3]r3.Vector, where each vector is a corner of the triangle


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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