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Releases: markusC64/1541ultimate2

v3.10f by Gideon

23 Apr 20:37
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Not for the 1541 Ultimate II (non Plus!)


  • [Important] Fixed ExFAT filesystems with 128kB clusters
  • (Fixes failing D64 mounts from some ExFAT thumbdrives)
  • [Issue-271] GEORAM at boot (MarkusC64)
  • [Issue-279] Support for 2 MHz operation for any cartridge, including EasyFlash


  • Firmware target added: Ultimate-II+L; the Lattice version!
  • System Information page now shows elaborate version info.
  • GEOS support functions from MarkusC64

Cartridge Support:

  • [Issue-314] Added support for Blackbox V9.

v3.10c by Gideon (only shipped with new Ultimates)

23 Apr 20:33
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  • Easyflash Fix
  • Correct FTP MLST command
  • Provide alternate mappings for pound/up-arrow
  • fixed issue where modem returns wrong value

v3.10a by Gideon

23 Apr 20:31
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  • [Issue-246] Fixed: Virtual Printer crashes when file cannot be created.
  • [Issue-234] Deleting last item in directory makes selection invisible
  • [Issue-236] Confirmation modal asking a question only gives 'OK' instead of 'Yes/No'.
  • [Issue-R17] Added mapping of ESC key to RUN/STOP.
  • [Facebook Request] Added: Leave menu on mount (can be selected per drive)
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Fixed starting Kingsoft Business Basic cartridge
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Allow Maverick (and others?) to write wrong sector headers on MFM tracks.
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Unable to select GeoRAM. Is now a mode of the RAM Expansion Unit.
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Fixed color palette not loaded at boot (U64 only).
  • [Facebook Bug Report]: Fixed USB sticks not recognized
  • [Messenger Report]: Improvements to palette file read. Rejects faulty files. Fixes hang-up
  • [Messenger Report]: Fixes 'Create DNP' when run from Telnet. Turned out to be a stack overflow.
  • [Email Discussion]: Adds EEPROM segment to GMOD2 when it is missing in the CRT file


  • Fixes that U2 updater killed the flash before asking to update, leaving a semi-bricked device.
  • Fixes drive sounds.


  • ACIA NMI pulse extension to extend over bad line. This allows the 6502 to see it always.
  • Performance optimization ACIA / Modem
  • Allow spaces after ATDT command.

Cartridge Support:

  • Additional C128 cartridge variant that allows banking and offers some RAM (U2/U2+ only).

v3.10 by Gideon

24 Jul 17:56
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Changes since official release (3.9 / 1.37)

Added features:

  • Hardware emulation of 1571 and 1581 drives (U2+ / U64 only)
  • MFM support on 1571, with enhanced G71 format to store MFM tracks
  • Added audio samples for insert / remove floppy disk
  • Added second drive sound to speaker output
  • Possiblity to use your own drive sound samples
  • Custom U64 palettes
  • SystemInfo Page, showing drive, cartridge and storage status
  • Flash Disk, to store drive roms, sounds, cartridges and such
  • Cartridges are now always CRT files. Selected by filename in the config
  • Cartridge compatibility check and reporting
  • GMOD2 support, including EEPROM
  • Zaxxon Cartridge support
  • Implemented writing CVT files back to a disk image (enables copying CVT files across disks.)

Various UI Improvements:

  • Select & Delete, using Shift-DEL
  • Recursive delete from context menu
  • Long filename truncation (thanks to 'naali' / Antti Svenn)
  • Scrollable string edit box
  • Adds save function for all cartridges, including EasyFlash and GMOD2
  • Full Clear function of configuration in Flash
  • Added 'F3' Help screen to config menu

Technical Fixes:

  • Fixed RGB mode (U64 only)
  • Fixed block read command
  • Fixed access of files with special chars in CBM disk images, accessed from IEC
  • Fixed UCI issues with SidPlay and others
  • Fixed colon issue in Ultimate Kernal ROM
  • Fixed crash on invalid file chain CBM filesystems
  • Fixed check order DIR / VOLUME; fixes some issues with exFAT directories
  • Added M and V commands in modem emulation layer, V now supporting numeric responses. Thanks Scott Hutter
  • Fixed the root cause of the VOLUME bit set in exFAT directories
  • Fixed missing 'probe' for filesystems on multi-partition disks
  • Fixed loading from wrong device ID when issuing the 'run disk' command
  • Fixed many little bugs in the generation of CVT files (copying GEOS files from a disk image)
  • Adopted changes to U64 Kernal to set default loading ID, as submitted by Leif Bloomquist
  • Adopted USB modifier key handling, as submitted by Peter de Schrijver
  • Corrected bug in extended partition table reading
  • Relaxed C128 cartridge timing (for C128 carts)
  • Extended UCI I/O bytes to support Hyperspeed Kernal properly
  • Check for file copy onto itself
  • Increased robustness against loading faulty disk images
  • Fixed VIA latch mode in 1541/1571.
  • [Issue 227] Fixes 'get sensible name' function for Ulticopy
  • Fix for .d71 sector allocation - format should give 1328 blocks free, not 1347.
  • Fixes possible crash when decoding a GCR track to binary
  • [Issue 160]: SpeedDOS / DolphinDOS loading errors

v3.9 by Gideon

06 Dec 14:59
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This release has again some significant changes and improvements over 1.34 / 3.8. The following bullet list gives an overview of the features and fixes. Below the items, a short explanation is added.

  • exFAT support
  • Cartridge Port compatibility improvements
  • Hyperspeed file system access through UCI
  • Extended CBM file system support (D71, D81 and DNP)
  • Full REL file support from SoftwareIEC
  • REL file copy between file systems, including FAT with preservation of record length property.
  • Consistent filename convention for storing CBM files on FAT with proper conversions.
  • Free block count added to IEC directory listing.
  • F5 menu restructuring
  • Configuration menu key mapping made more consistent with file browser
  • RAM Disk addition
  • ACIA (6551 emulation) improvements
  • Added fast serial / burst mode wire patches in U64 (optional connections between CIA and SRQ / DATA line.)
  • Addition of additional analog video modes: PAL60 and NTSC50.
  • Slightly improved key mapping for USB keyboards.
  • Fixed double keypress in non-overlay menu, when using USB keyboard.
  • Implemented key repeat for USB keyboards.
  • Many, many bugfixes

exFAT support: Until earlier firmware versions, it was only possible to use FAT16/FAT32 formatted USB disks. Version 3.9 adds the support for the newer exFAT. Many, if not all newer USB sticks are factory formatted with this file system. This brings the maximum disk size to 2TB. Note that 64-bit LBA is not supported.

Hyperspeed file system access through UCI? What does this mean? It means that the virtual file system can now be accessed using a driver that talks to the Ultimate in I/O space, in a CBM compatible way. [UCI stands for Ultimate Command Interface] In order to unleash this hyperspeed, a customized C64 kernal is available. This kernal includes the driver to map one of the device IDs to the virtual file system of the Ultimate. Loading speeds in excess of 200+ blocks per second are feasible. As long as kernal calls are used to access the ‘drive’, this is fully compatible with existing software. Note that this kernal also supports the @ and $ commands, to give drive commands and show the directory of any drive, including the device-ID that routes to the UCI.

Extended CBM file system support means that all (D64, D71, D81 and DNP) images can now be created and are fully writable. Although there is no hardware emulation yet of the 1571 and 1581 drives, the support for the file systems is there. In combination with the hyperspeed kernal driver, this is already very useful, even without hardware emulation of the drives.

REL file support has been added, and in such a way that works regardless of the underlying file system. Thus, it does not matter if the REL file is located on a FAT filesystem, or inside of a CBM disk image. The way the REL file is stored is dependent on the file system, including the side sectors and super side sector for CBM systems. Copying REL files between these file systems is therefore also possible, and the side sectors are created as needed.

Block Access (U1, U2 and B-P commands) have been added. When the current directory is (inside) a CBM disk image, these block commands can be used to read / write random sectors of the disk.

A new file naming convention has been introduced, which makes lossless conversion between CBM and FAT filesystems possible, up to 16 chars. It may not always give pretty results, but it is consistent.

The F5 menu (Task Menu) had grown into an unorganized mess. This has now been restructured and categorized, so it has become a lot easier to find the item and is thus quicker to use. Similarly, the key mapping of the configuration menu has been made more consistent. The cursor keys now always navigate through the menus. Use '+' and '-' to change the value. (I have to get used to this myself!)

In addition to the support for USB disks, an additional RAM disk was added. This is very useful for storing temporary disk images, updater files and so on. It can also be used for an even better file system performance. The size of this temporary disk is 16 MB and does not conflict with REU memory. It is truly additional. In a future version, this temporary storage will be used to implement remote commands that require data to be uploaded, such that remote commands will be more consistent with actions from the file browser, since all actions will be based on the file system.

Cartridge port compatibility improvements. Since the introduction of the turbo mode, the cartridge compatibility of the U64 was flawed. This is simply due to the necessary changes in system architecture to make the turbo mode even possible. In this system core version (1.37), some of the compatibility issues have been solved. In particular, cartridges that toggle the EXROM# / GAME# lines per cycle or even during a cycle are now handled correctly again. This affects also the IDE64 module. In order to get this to work, the cartridge bus mode should be set to "Dynamic", which basically means that the U64 will carefully 'probe' the cycles on the cartridge bus to see how the cycle completes. By cleverly caching these results, turbo mode is applied automatically in memory regions that do not need to run at 1 MHz. This does not mean that cartridge compatibility is now guaranteed for all modules, but it is a good step.

The additional analog video modes can be used to run PAL software on analog monitors, such as the 1702, or run 60 Hz software on PAL only screens. In addition to this, the cyan color was adjusted in the analog signal, as it was too green.

The ACIA improvements fix the problem that occurs when an NMI interrupt is missed. In addition, the DCD and DSR lines can now generate interrupts, like on a real 6551. The modem emulation supports pulsing these lines when an incoming connection occurs.

The list of bugfixes is too long to describe here. Some of them were minor; others would eventually hang up the ultimate application; memory leaks… Many thanks to Bart van Leeuwen, who thoroughly tested repeated file system access through UCI.

v3.8 by Gideon

29 Oct 20:20
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Added features since 1.28

  • Turbo Mode... The 6510 CPU can now be run faster than 1 MHz. [u64 only]
  • Support for Nordic Power cartridge
  • Faster application processor for smoother file browsing experience
  • Significant lower noise floor when using real SIDs [u64 only]
  • From MarkusC64: For Geos 64 - Download D41, D71, D81 and DNP files directly from the file browser into a RAMDISK of the same type.
  • From MarkusC64: For Geos 64 - Save RAMDISK to USB in the appropriate format, directly from the file browser
  • Added freeze function with USB menu (F11 key)

Fixes since the last withdrawn version 1.33:

  • RESTORE key to boot with default config: Implemented [u64 only]
  • Bootloop problem with flashed CRT: Fixed
  • C64 Hangup problem with reading debug register (D7FF): Fixed [u64 only]
  • C64 Hangup when disabling SID socket: Fixed [u64 only]
  • ARMSID config not working when UltiSid is in the same range: Fixed [u64 only]
  • CIA2 I/O (UserPort) not working: Fixed [u64 only]
  • Sprite collision in Antiriad: Fixed [u64 only]
  • RGB mode sync polarity: Fixed [u64 only]
  • PIO register fault: Flimbo's Quest now working! (Thanks to Tom Roger Skauen, for his debugging efforts!)

Bug fixes / improvements since 1.28:

  • 6522 VIA fixes from gyurco/master
  • Fixed 1541 floppy formatting - sometimes caused read errors
  • Fixed an issue that may have caused network instability
  • Issue #62: FTP server does not check if a directory exists when changing directory
  • Issue #109: Soft IEC seq file reading issue with GET#
  • Issue #121: 1541-C ROM issues (Track 0 sensor issue)
  • Issue #131: SuperGames-Cartridge issue
  • Issue #132: Builtin FC3 monitor hangs from freezer
  • Issue #136: Epyx Fastloader fails sometimes (Example: Space Taxi)
  • Issue #147: Data loss on eject if save fails

v3.7 (1.29)

29 Oct 20:31
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  • Fixed SuperGames cart.

v3.7 by Gideon

24 May 18:34
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Added features since 3.6

  • Debug stream over Ethernet, which logs CPU / VIC access real time, also possible to log C64 CPU and 1541 CPU alongside. U64 only.

  • ACIA (MOS 6551) emulation (In dual drive version ONLY)

  • Modem Layer emulation (6551 <-> LAN), supporting both outbound and inbound connections (In dual drive version ONLY)

  • REU load / save commands from UCI, using the preload settings

  • File append mode for Software IEC.

  • Support for SuperGames cartridge

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #121: 1541C ROM seemed faulty. Track 0 sensor reconnected.

  • Issue #119: Fixed network host name illegal chars.

  • Fixed DMA load delay, to let 1541 initialize before running PRG

  • Fixed 1541 address decoding (RAMBOard was faulty!)

  • Fixed Closing telnet connection caused U64/U2+ to freeze.

  • Stability issues fixed in configuration manager.

  • Fix for KCS cart at boot of U64

  • Corrected NMI / IRQ routing for internal cart. (U64)

  • Timing corrections to make external 1764 REU work. (U64)

  • Some U64 factory test improvements. Invisible to you.

v3.6a by Gideon

07 Feb 13:17
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Changes since version 3.6:

  • Support for Super Games cartridge.
  • Fixed KCS cart at boot time.
  • Swapped audio channels, thanks Siegried.
  • Improved cartridge timing which corrects the ARMSID detection.

Note: This is the first release supporting 1.4 board revision

v3.6 by Gideon

15 Oct 15:12
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Difference with previous release V1.21 / V1.22 (Initial Elite release)

  • Changes / Improvements to the U64 FPGA
    • Added Drive B activity to the possible Case LED outputs
    • Increased the number of UltiSIDs from two to eight
    • Fixed Jailbar issue on HDMI output
    • Fixed a Ledstrip issue that slipped into one of the previous versions
    • Improved EMC performance
    • Added Paddle Swap for the U64 Elite
    • Increased application CPU performance
  • Changes / Improvements to the 1541 Ultimate FPGA
    • Improvements to the 6502 CPU for improved 1541 compatibility
  • Changes to the application
    • Added support for 8-SID configuations (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Split the U64 configuration settings for better overview (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Added possibility to load / save and reset configuration settings
    • Added the possibility to have temporary configuration settings
    • Added choice of which UltiSID causes the LED strip to light up (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Added a Visual SID addressing editor (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Added detection and real time configuration of FPGASID (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Added detection and real time configuration of SwinSid Ultimate (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Added detection and real time configuration of ARMSID (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Fixed screen title when connecting to the machine through Telnet
    • Added joyswap to the configuration menu (Ultimate 64 only)
    • Option to use Final Cart V1/V2 re-enabled
    • Upgraded the OS to a newer version
    • Easyflash: Clearing of sectors much faster, therefore much better performance when saving to easyflash