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TA-YouTube - mobile first video wrapper with aspect ratio

A light-weight, responsive and mobile first YouTube / Vimeo video wrapper with auto playback and aspect ratio for the video player. Runs with Alpine.js V2 and Alpine.js V3

Demos, Documentation and Examples


Getting started



Tailwind CSS plugin

alpine.js Docs (V3)


  • No privacy issues - User has to click before video plays
  • Remembers visitor - Stores if visitor clicked to accept
  • Transitions - You can use a great animated preview image
  • Autoplay mode - Optional and if user already accepted
  • Based on Alpine JS - Small footprint and Vue JS inspired, like Tailwind for JavaScript
  • Runs with Alpine.js V2 and Alpine.js V3
  • 100% Tailwind CSS - Rapidly build modern websites without leaving your HTML


From npm: Install the package.

# Install using npm

npm install --save-dev @markusantonwolf/ta-gallery

# Install using yarn

yarn add -D @markusantonwolf/ta-gallery

Inside tailwind.config.js: Add the plugin to your tailwind css config file.

// tailwind.config.js

const ta_youtube_safelist = require('./node_modules/@markusantonwolf/ta-youtube/src/plugin/safelist')

module.exports = {
    purge: {
        // ...
        options: {
            safelist: [...ta_youtube_safelist],
        // ...
    // ...
    theme: {
        // ...
        taYoutube: {
            debug: false, // shows the new component classes in the console while building
            export: false, // writes the new component classes into files ./public/utilities.css & /public/keyframes.css
        // ...
    variants: {
        // ...
        taYoutube: ['responsive'], // empty the array if you don't need a responsive variant
        // ...
    // ...
    plugins: [
            respectPrefix: true, // respect prefix option in config: true (default) | false
            respectImportant: true, // respect important option in config: true (default) | false

More TA-Styled-Plugins

  • TA-Styled-Plugins - Explore all Tailwind CSS and Alpine JS styled plugins and learn how to enhance your website fast and easy.

Local development

// To install dev dependencies run:

npm install

// To start the development server run and go to http://localhost:8888/:

npm run serve

// To make a development build run:

npm run develop

// To make a production build run:

npm run build


© 2021 Markus A. Wolf