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Website for desktop, tablet & smartphone usage with the goal to provide useful (route) information for cyclists.

radlkarte banner

If you use the software and/or route data the preferred way to credit is: © - Radlobby Österreich


  • Show recommended bicycle routes
    • Three quality types of route segments: calm, medium, stressful
    • Three importance levels of route segments: main, regional, local
      • Hide parts of the recommended routes when zooming out (for a better overview)
    • Special properties of the routes
      • Oneway (arrow)
      • Steep (bristles)
      • Unpaved (dotted lines)
  • Automatically switch to the bicycle routes of the currently viewed region
  • Show problematic points along the route where dismounting or usage of heavy/wide bicycles may not be possible
  • GPS localization (especially useful for mobile devices)
  • Geocoding (address search)

Route Data

Route data is stored in .geojson format with the following attributes.

Line Attributes


  • priority: 0 (highest), 1 (medium), 2 (lowest)
  • stress: 0 (no stress), 1 (medium), 2 (a lot of stress)

Optional (omitting the attributes means 'no'):

  • oneway: yes (route only legal in one direction)
  • steep: yes (very steep,
  • unpaved: yes (dirt, gravel or extremely uneven surfaces even though they are paved)

Point Attributes

  • dismount: yes (bicycle must or should be pushed (in at least one direction), either due to legal restrictions or because it's a very dangrous spot)
  • nocargo: yes (not feasible for heavy/extra-long/extra-wide bicycles, e.g. cargo bicycles or bikes with trailers due to e.g. stairs or chicanes)
  • warning: yes (problematic location, should be combined with the description attribute)
  • description: string explaining details (shown to the users via popup)

Edit Instructions

  1. Download JOSM
  2. Add josm-radlkarte-style.mapcss in edit > preferences > map settings (3rd buttom from the top) > map paint styles
  3. Load an existing radlkarte .geojson file, e.g. radlkarte-example.geojson, or create a new layer.
  4. Edit routes
  5. Save the result as .geojson (not as .osm!)
  6. Minify the .geojson with


To test locally with Firefox go to about:config and set privacy.file_unique_origin=false, this allows local CORS requests.


sudo npm i -g jshint html5-lint
/usr/local/lib/node_modules/html5-lint/ index.html
jshint radlkarte.js

Known Bugs

  • Arrows in wrong size on fast zoom (synchronization issue of rendering method that is called more than once I fear)

Future Ideas

  • Describe layer-switching & opencyclemap legend? explicitly show cycleways somehow (user request hotjar)?
  • Make problem-POIs hidable in layer switcher
  • Optional overlays for cycling-POIs
    • bike sharing stations (Citybike + Nextbike),
    • bicycle shops
    • bicycle pumps / repair stations
    • train and metro stations
  • Differentiate between a simple & an advanced UI.
    • simple: auto-hides parts of the network based on zoom level, no layer switcher
    • advanced: layer switcher, control opacity of overlay, freely choose network-parts to show