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Website for desktop, tablet & smartphone usage with the goal to provide useful (route) information for cyclists.

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If you use the software and/or route data the preferred way to credit is: © - Radlobby Österreich


  • Show recommended bicycle routes
    • Three quality types of route segments: calm, medium, stressful
    • Three importance levels of route segments: main, regional, local
      • Hide parts of the recommended routes when zooming out (for a better overview)
    • Special properties of the routes
      • Oneway (arrow)
      • Steep (bristles)
      • Unpaved (dotted lines)
  • Automatically switch to the bicycle routes of the currently viewed region
  • Show problematic points along the route where dismounting or usage of heavy/wide bicycles may not be possible
  • Show POIs relevant for cycling (bike-sharing stations, bicycle shops,..)
  • GPS localization (especially useful for mobile devices)
  • Geocoding (address search)

Route Data

Route data is stored in GeoJSON format with the following attributes.

Line Attributes


  • priority=0 (highest), 1 (medium), 2 (lowest)
  • stress=0 (no stress), 1 (medium), 2 (a lot of stress)

Optional (omitting the attributes means no):

  • oneway=yes: route only legal in one direction
  • steep=yes: very steep, e.g. more than 5-6%, but excluding short ramps
  • unpaved=yes: dirt, gravel or extremely uneven surfaces even though they are paved

Point Attributes

  • dismount=yes: bicycle must or should be pushed (in at least one direction), either due to legal restrictions or because it's a very dangerous spot
  • nocargo=yes: not feasible for heavy/extra-long/extra-wide bicycles, e.g. cargo bicycles or bikes with trailers due to e.g. stairs or chicanes
  • warning=yes: problematic location, should always be combined with the description attribute
  • description: string explaining details shown to users in a popup

Edit Instructions

  1. Install JOSM
  2. Add josm-radlkarte-style.mapcss in Edit > Preferences… > Map Paint Styles (~9th buttom from the top) (In older JOSM versions Map Paint Styles is under Map Settings (3rd button from the top).)
  3. Load an existing radlkarte GeoJSON file, e.g. radlkarte-example.geojson, or create a new layer
  4. Edit routes
  5. Save the result as GeoJSON (not as .osm!)
  6. Prepare (minify, add bbox,..) the .geojson with
    • with development tools: yarn geojson [path to GeoJSON file]
    • without development tools: ./data/ [path to GeoJSON file]

Development (tools)

Further information for developing the codebase and using the development tools can be found in the development documentation.


The license for all our code and data is here.

Obviously this excludes the libraries leaflet (BSD 2-Clause), font-awesome, opening_hours.js (LGPLv3) or jquery and the fonts.

Other exceptions: